Publishing a Lesson



Use the Toolbar or the Publish menu to bring up a dialog box to publish a lesson.


This screen is for assembling the files needed to run your lesson from CD or package it for SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, or AICC. It is populated with the settings from the last time you published a lesson in order to make it easier to configure a new lesson. You select the SCORM/AICC version, enter AICC information (for AICC publishing only), create a manifest (for SCORM publishing only), choose the Training Studio source directory (containing index.htm, the templates directory, and other files and directories), select the directories containing common images and the media that goes with this lesson, select the XML version of the desired database, select the training structure and glossary, choose "common elements" like references and help, and, finally, choose where to copy the resulting files. You then click the Publish button. If you chose to make a Package Interchange File (zip), you will be prompted for its location as well. If you did not define a title when creating the content database, you will prompted as to whether you want to continue. Normally, you want a title defined for comment tracking and for possible display within the lesson.


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